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If you have decided to try low carb eating, congratulations! It’s your first step on the way to optimal

health. However, you should do some research before you begin so you know what to expect and can be better prepared for some of the challenges. Yes, there will be challenges.   But, after 2-3 weeks your cravings should be gone, you should have tons of energy, and you’ll probably be sleeping better and in a better overall mood. There are tons of other tips to low carbing but these are a few of the ones I think are important.

Tip #1 - Read a book! I know this sounds ridiculously simple but it is very important. Many people think they can just read some info off the net and start lowcarbing but it’s really best to read about the principals behind it so you understand what’s happening and why. I’ve read many of the lowcarb books and I would recommend reading these three; The Schwarzbein Principal; Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution; and Protein Power Lifeplan. Between these three books, you’ll be well armed with the hows and whys of lowcarbing and have a better chance of seeing it through. UPDATE: I wrote this 10 years ago and now, there are lots of new books to discover.  I'm currently reading Sugar Shock, Sugar Blues and Suicide by Sugar.  I'll probably post reviews on these when I'm done.

Tip #2 - Visit a support community online to help with questions not answered in the books. This should possibly be tip #1 because without the support and advice I got from the posters on lowcarbeating.com, I don’t know if I would have lasted long enough to actually make this a healthy lifestyle.  UPDATE: I originally wrote these tips in 2002 but now, in 2012, there are tons more sites,

cookbooks, support groups, etc. for low carb.  Find one you like and go for it!

Tip #3 - DRINK YOUR WATER! I can’t tell you how many people underestimate the value of water not only on this woe (way of eating) but in general. The vast majority of people on this earth walk around in a state of mild dehydration most of the time and don’t even know it. A popular formula for how much water to drink is half your weight in ounces. Myself, I think more is required unless you weigh 400 pounds. In that case, 200oz is probably plenty! I’m not a doctor nor an expert in water consumption but I think generally healthy people trying to loose weight should shoot for a gallon a day.  Generally, I usually only get to about a ½ gallon but I'm trying!

Tip #4 - Don’t drink alcohol for AT LEAST the first month. Your body will burn alcohol before it burns anything else for energy so, if you drink, you will be robbing yourself of fat-burning. Not worth it in my opinion. Sure, after you get into the “groove” of lowcarb, have a drink now and then if you want but be careful not to have too much as it can stall people. Even just drinking one day a week can wreak havoc with your weight loss efforts.

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