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The classic.  I originally started on Atkins in 2000.  Last week, I got the

"new" Atkins book but haven't read it yet.  It's next after Robb's book.

Atkins is always a good place to start if you don't know much about low carbing.


I'm reading his book right now and so far, so good as of chapter 4.  I'm not a

paleo gal myself but he has some good intel.

Well, how about that?  I had intended to add a list of links but as I

searched the net for other blogs and sites offering low carb info, I

found that many links were dead or, the sites hadn't been updated in

a very long time.

I can understand, my site was "dead" for 10 years until I brought it

back to life last week but, I don't want to rush into listing a bunch of

sites that are dead ends or no help.

So, I'll be updating this page as I run across things, stuff, whatnot

that I find interesting… until then, it's Atkins & Robb.